Grocery Stores in Movies: Drive

Drive with Ryan Gosling and Bryan Cranston.


I’m trying to figure out why I hate movies now, because I don’t seem to enjoy watching movies as much as I did at one point and there’s gotta be a reason why.

I thought Drive would be an excellent movie to analyze my feelings while watching because everything about Drive makes it a movie I have no business not liking. Nice soundtrack, good actors (hey Bryan Cranston, hey), interesting story, well shot, and Ryan Gosling is a stunt car driver which means insane action sequences,

Oh and a GROCERY STORE SCENE. My favorite thing ever.

Predictably though, I found myself hating the movie and proclaimed that I’d give it a Netflix rating of 1 star to my boyfriend who gave it a rating of 5 stars.


Ryan Gosling doesn’t amuse me. There was too much violence in Drive. Graphic and excessive. I can’t get desensitized to violence, it just builds up in my brain and disturbs me the more I watch it. Identifiable female characters are nowhere to be found. The testosterone level of movies is overwhelming.

This movie also reminded me that I just can’t sit through movies anymore. They feel oppressive with their uniformly 1-2 hour format. I just don’t have the patience to escape reality for that long right now. Shit is too real in the real world, and not thinking about all the stuff I have to think about for over an hour at a time so I can become invested in a temporary fantasy is not in my mental budget.

I’m still delighted by grocery store scenes though and Drive has one of the best ones I’ve seen in a while. Nice long shots of isles, lush with details and poetic.


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