Open Letter

Dear Humans, people, friends, lovers and family,

Coworkers, commute sharers, the people who take my money when I buy things, the people who wait while I swipe my debit/credit card when I buy things, the people who built all the shit I use, the people who invented all the shit I use, neighbors, classmates, roommates,

Writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, actors, singers, poets, people who express themselves,

The elderly, the young, millenials,

Doctors, lawyers, business executives,

Teachers, students,

Christians, pagans, atheists, agnostics (hey boos), buddhists, muslims, spiritualists, Jews,



Men, women, transsexuals, gay people, straight people, every one,


If you’re leaving or if I’m leaving- Bye.

My proposal is this: Don’t wake up. Truthers have been trying to get people to wake up for a while now to the reality of our controlled-by-a-ruling-elite and fucked up as shit society, and I was on that side for as long a time as this movement has taken off on the Internet (since September 11, 2001). But now I’m taking a different stance. The stance being that it might be better to not wake up. Maybe we should fall asleep harder. And by that I don’t mean become more ignorant or be more blind to the obviousness of the masses’ oppresion; but fall asleep harder (as in harder better faster stronger) as a defensive move. It’s tricky and it’s far-fetched and it’s risky. It’s all of the exciting things that revolutionary ideas should be. I really don’t care if anyone does it, I just want everyone to know I’m doing this and I know everyone around me is gonna be like “dis bitch” and I’m just gonna lol about it.

What if for once instead of fight we flight? They are equivalent responses that our bodies and nervous systems are naturally prepared for.

HEAR YE HEAR YE. More on this soon on this physical yet digital, permanent, temporary cyber space. More on this all the time in our collective dreams.

I love you, kinda but always.

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