Interstellar (2014)

There are plenty of fish in the sea was my motto, this summer. Just like there are plenty of stars in the sky and plenty of neurons in the brain. This doesn’t mean anything though in the context of trying to find your other half, which is the context that plenty of fish in the sea is used. And what if you’re allergic to seafood?

Does anyone need me to tell them what Interstellar was like? Of course not! A lot of people think The Godfather is incredible. I think it’s okay.

Doesn’t matter though, because I was freaked out the whole time by how realistic Interstellar looked, not that it was super crazy looking, it just looked like right now and like what my right now idea of space and other planets looks like. That freaks me out because this whole time I’ve been going to movies with this notion of “escapism” and here I am not escaping at all but being thrust deeper into the nightmare of a reality I imagined for whatever reason based on my environment.

He leans over and says “This movie is for nerds!”

I smile widely because I assume we’re both nerds so this movie is for us. This is where we’re supposed to be. Great! I don’t respond and just smile widely hoping the message is sent forth that I’m very fascinated by the nerdy time-space messages being sent in this movie we’re watching. I don’t need to say anything because that message is implicit.

Interstellar takes you on a ride. A primarily emotional ride involving the notion that humans shan’t be trusted, but who can blame ’em.

Am I supposed to trust my choice of “Shan’t?”

I don’t, but I’m going to. Because when Matthew McConaughey tells his daughter he’s going to outer space and she tells him that she received a message that he should stay and SPOILER ALERT.

I decided I’m not going to continue talking about what happens because SPOILER ALERT.

Which makes everything interesting, because when I want to read movie reviews it’s usually of movies I’ve already seen but I know that in my pursuit of knowledge I end up coming across reviews of movies I haven’t seen and they reveal a lot, but I never feel spoiled because I think reading about a movie doesn’t equate watching it. Reading an event doesn’t equate experiencing it. We all perceive very differently and don’t catch everything and that’s probably the point of humans. And why we’re so different. And some of us are destined to break rules to our detriment until after we die when we realize why that human did what they did (Jesus ref).

Everything that can happen will happen and does.

I went back to my movie companion’s place knowing already that I had no desire to sleep with him but he would try to sleep with me and I would have to get out of it. What ended up happening was I had no desire to sleep with my companion once I got to his place and listened while his upstairs neighbors were having very audible sex. Beds are loud. Want to have discreet, comfortable sex? Get a sexpod (

He didn’t even walk me all the way to the subway station and I suddenly understood when guys say “We don’t have to do anything” it means “We do have to engage in some form of sexual activity for me to continue showing signs of caring about you, to you.”

“Think I give a fuck? That’s a misconception.”

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