Defensive Narcotics

In addiction addicted america, the conversation about drugs tends to fall on all the negative bits about them, except when we’re talking about pharmaceutical drugs, in which case we only focus on the good sides and ignore the RIDICULOUSLY DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS. We just let the man in the commercial list them in an impossible to process fast pace like thoughts of suicide and sudden vision loss are nbg.

antidepressants, babe

In other news- How do you know you really love your friends and family and aren’t just addicted to notifications and alerts?

stimulus: *alert*

response: check gadget

I mean, I’m sure we do love our “friends and families” but it’s also hardwired in our brain to respond in a pavlovian manner to a sound. Smartphones have made it so that we’re responding to the sound or visual of a notification (a like! a retweet! a DM! a follow! please rate our app!) and not the stimulus of actually connecting with another humanoid. The good news is we can use this addictive response to our advantage!

To defensively use the dopamine release of a notification, which programmers use deliberately to get us addicted to our apps and technology, rack up on notifications. Get notified by everything. Yes, allow Taco Bell to notify me every time I’m in a 5 mile radius. Yes, annoying game I never play, remind me daily, hourly, that I’m not playing you. Those notification alerts are crack, you’ll have so much dopamine you won’t know what to do with it. You’ll be so happy it might be scary. As a bonus, turn OFF notifications for messages from Friends & Family to deprogram your brain from associating your loved ones with a tritone soundbyte.

And now a timeline to begin the journey of completely writing this post:

  • First prescribed meds (antidepressants) at age 13
  • first time self injured- age 13
  • first time ever did any illegal substance (cocaine)- age 19
  • first time tried marijuana- age 19
  • started smoking pot regularly- age 24
  • stopped self-injuring- age 25


mmnotrouble mmdrank

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