The game has changed for me since I last chose a Manic Pixie Dream Team. Now it is less about being whimsical. You know, before I continue. I really wanted that whimsical world and this change doesn’t mean I’m not being whimsical, actually this definitely got on a whim so cool.

I want to shift the focus of this blog, finally, from the fantastical world I used to be emerged in, to my own world. And talking to the Internet because I can’t afford a therapist even though I have free insurance, it actually mean no insurance. America, you slay me. But seriously folks, I need a lot of help and it’s impossible to get. I’ve been trying for like a hot second. I’m talking yeeeeeaaarrrs and all I’ve been able to get is a prescription to Wellbutrin, AA and unofficial mental illness meetups. But not quality or professional care or help. I’ve been actually treated like shit by doctors. Asked why I didn’t just try quitting drugs when I went to the ER after an overdose and asked for help.

Me: I have stomach pains private details etc. I would like to get checked out and also would you be able to refer me to somewhere I can get substance abuse treatment.


Me: *cries and runs away*

I ran to a liquor store. So you see, I don’t know where to turn. Or rather, I didn’t know where to turn. I forgot I can just blog about it. That’s what online journals are for, guys. Never forget the Great Rebranding of Online Journal to The Blog.

So yeah, fuck our medical system, and I’m going to talk about it, right here, on THISREFLEX.US OFFICIAL REBRANDING PARTY POST. 

So as you can see,  so many story. Where do I start? I think a good place to start is by totally  revamping my DREAM TEAM.


1. Holly Golightly

2. Marilyn Monroe


3. Abby and Ilana


Everything should be funny and empowering to women.

4. Snapchat


I would like to introduce the first ever App to ever be included in a Dream Team. Congrats, Snapchat, your Manic Pixie spirit restored a lot of faith I had lost in mostly everything and everyone. Add me: LaLeannet

I could never start talking about this if I had to do it in a serious way. I just want to compile all this mental data I’ve collected so that when I’m like 40 I have something to do. And that’s the most millennial thing I’ve ever said.

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