Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

When I began this blog, I had about 2.5 goals. 1. Find a way to make my passion of watching movies productive and 2. to get off Clonopin.

I am off Clonopin.

The thing is I am a person with addictive tendencies. I am drunk right now. I do think about how I link to this blog from my social medias and how people I know can easily find it, but I am overly aware of how I know they’re not going to bother. Hiding things in plain sight and I’m drunk right now. People ritualistically get drunk on average a couple of times a week. It is okay to inebriate oneself in the name of Socializing and Networking,

That’s all I’m fucking doing, but I’m doing it on the Internet instead of a bar and how is my thing any dumber than your thing. It’s not. It’s probably less dumb but I’m not supposed to judge.

“Promise me you won’t drink anymore!” He firmly declares at me. “Okay, I promise” I obviously lie.

Although I don’t feel like imbibing anymore, I am sure I will just because it’s there. This is a thing of addicts. I am thinking about it as a write this. That there is one more beer in the fridge and I am absolutely going to drink it because it’s there. Why did you buy 4 if you only wanted me to drink 2 and you weren’t going to drink any? I am asking these questions to my boyfriend, Enabler 0102, who I asked to bring home 1 beer to accompany the Catfish and creamy potato¬†dinner I was making. He brought back 4 beer and is fully aware I’m an alcoholic.

Not only is my life unmanageable, this blog is unmanageable. I can’t keep up with the changes everything changes at a pace too fast, the only thing worth doing is staying ahead of the pace. Like honestly, this blog would have some dope gifs I would whip up in photoshop and some carefully planned out and edited essays about psychology and shit if things were up to me, and some people would argue that things are up to me. But I have a feeling some things are out of my control.

I don’t know, I saw this movie with the bf¬†and I really loved it. I was debating whether to use the word love here but I enjoyed this movie enough to give it a 5 star rating, which Netflix categorizes as Love; I didn’t just Really Like it.

I loved that it talked about all the things happening. Depopulation, Secret Societies and Celebrities. I thought Samuel L. Jackson was a convincing evil Steve Jobs and I adored the characters. The characters were very adorable.

Now, am I going to drink that last beer? I made a promise that I wouldn’t, but I also was fully lying when I made that promise.

Update: I am drinking that last beer. It’s an Otherside IPA.


Sofia Boutella was the standout in Kingsman: The Secret Service.


She is The Strong Female Character. This movie actually has about 3 Strong Female characters, which is way more than 99% of movies. This certainly contributed to my choice of the word love.


Sofia is French. A dancer. 33 years old. Definitely added to my MPDT.


I started talking about one thing and now I’m just obsessed with this human, which is a familiar and comforting feeling.

I don’t regret drinking every beer. My life is unmanageable, or is it? And, Sofia Boutella.

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