We drank some Two Roads at the Hot Chick’s Bar. I was embarrassed that my boy partner had to ask about which entrance we go in through even though I’ve had two graduation shows at the Beast and spent like 8 hours straight on acid there during DCM. I know the place better than I know my own self.not that I know myself that well but I still know the beast better than myself so that counts for something.

Anyway, my boy partner was acting like a noob even though he’s been there more than once and honestly how often do you have to go to the beast to get it. like there’s two entrances, the  better bathrooms are in the basement and the sound is poppin’. just like get there on time so you’re not fumbling around in the dark.

I’m grateful because during #DCM18, I spent my first half at UCBeast and it was amazing and I’m so blessed/cursed. Then the second half was like my sober half and I was just chasing the rainbow of my first half at that point. I learned that sleeping was a mistake.

I agreed to see An Improv show because of Betsy Kenney, who my boy partner criticized as “hard to work with.” Betsy Kenney is one of my favorite improvisers and one of the only ones out there giving me faith in the form. So I felt a lot of conflict about our opinions.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 4.47.54 AM.png

I was mortified because An Improv’s show thing was asking the audience about a work related story because of upcoming Labor Day. The stories actually told were very boring. One was about hispanics and Trump and the other was about turtles. Trying to get a second work story, Ryan Haney put the mic in my face and asks me where do I work? I was instantly delighted at being chosen and having the attention but my brain ACTUALLY FROZE and all I was able to do was shake my head no.

Look. All I want to do is talk about my work. But. damnit i can’t make sense of it. Thinking about the question:

Where do you work?




What if I’m a robot? I legit glitched. But I haven’t really been programmed to explain what I do for a living because I’m not sure what I do for a living besides freelance.

Idk. I guess the truth is I did not want to be fodder for laughter. But I felt like an improv failure not being able to provide some kind of story. But honestly, my impulse to not speak was so strong, I know it was the right one. One of the best scenes of the show happened because I didn’t tell my work story and the scene was based on the story of the person who got to tell their story instead.

Also, I have very strong principles about audience/performer separation. Like if as an audience member I am to be expected to participate, I should be let known, like Sleep No More. Otherwise that is my main issue with comedy where they get so lazy they just pick on the intoxicated audience members. Well, during an improv show, I had my moment to say not today.


Then I went to barcade with the boy partner who gave me a great pep talk about how I’m better than the me who would have told a cheap work story.

My work is top secret anyways. Can’t trick me that easy babes.


P.S. – Worked today b4 chilling with boy partner and having an awesome time eating fried chicken, drinking beer, watching improv and playing arcade video games. It was for the car company Ford. I was just a backup but got alll the deets and am grateful I didn’t have to actually work. So far if I’m buying a car it would still be a Nissan. Also “caroke” is trademarked aaaaaaaaaand black belts are required.

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