Woke Up at 10pm and I Cried

So after being awake for about 35 hours, I guess it’s not too crazy that I slept for 17 hours. That’s 2 days of sleep which is what I was missing. Huh. Until I did the math just now for the purpose of this entry, I felt really bad about myself for waking up at 10pm but I guess it’s just what my body needed.

There was a snowstorm today and a bunch of stuff was cancelled, including the job I was supposed to go to today. It’s almost like God is real oh wait he is.

The first thing I did upon waking up was vape of course. I tried to go through my mail but there was nothing important in it to keep me motivated doing that task. I watched Mackenzie Stith’s snapstory and some coworker snap stories. Then I went on Youtube because Youtube is slowly becoming all I wanna do. I watched Grimes video for Venus Fly which is my FAVORITE song on Art Angels and I can’t believe it took so long (2 years) for there to be a video but it was worth the wait. The credits were as along as the video and had a slowed down remix of the song which I loved.

It’s 100% eye candy and I love it.

Then I went on some suggestion riding and watched Lady Gaga’s John Wayne video which was great.

This led me to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance which made me cry TEARS OF JOY.

I began crying at this moment when Lady Gaga hugged a fan and then I just continued crying during Bad Romance and I was so confused why I was crying because there was nothing sad about the performance and I realized they were tears of joy! I was very impressed by the choreographed audience light show.


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