Moonwalk McCracken

I don’t have many skills or talents but the ones I do have have gotten me so far. I know that I have 3 boys and am smoking the offering of each one like smoking them out. I just finished Number 1 and it got me through writing my Character 101 sketch. Number 2 I am smoking right now. Will I even make it to number 3?

I worked even though I was only supposed to be a Backup Promobot today but that is the Backup Promobot reality. You will work 90% of the time. It was cold outside but I was like actually bundled up so I barely felt it. I had previously taken a stance against Exterior work but the exterior is not that bad if you’re dressed appropriately. I tried Facebook Chatting with my boy partner and it was not successful I think. He thinks I’m annoying when I’m drunk but I think I’m acceptable and just as annoying as everyone else is. Like allow me to get on everyone else’s level?

I binge-watched The OA and it was amazing until the very end.

SPOILER ALERT I did not care for the school shooting scene. Those scenes always bum me out. /SPOILER ALERT

Now I’m going to watch Celia which is 1 season with 80 episodes? I’ve NEVER seen that before. I am also wondering why Netflix hid this series from me? I only know about it because a co-worker’s obsession with the show while we were working.

I stopped to look at some shoes around 14th and 5th avenue and as I was looking at the shoes some girl walks by and goes “Keep staring at those shoes you’re never going to buy them.” I don’t know what the girl looked like, I think I caught a glimpse of her walking off wobbling from side to side wearing a white cowboy hat and a white fringe coat and being white. I don’t know why this comment from her really bummed me out. It wasn’t even a particularly mean comment, it just bummed me out.
Sometimes I feel targeted but I think it’s in my head or I tell myself it’s in my head because it most likely is. But then things like that happen and I wonder, is it in my head? I don’t usually stop but I felt compelled to and I saw these shoes I really liked and now I want to buy them only because she said I never would. But also I do want them. Wow.


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