Hot Ones

Stayed up all night until 5pm after the sour patch kid. Had a few revelations, mainly the characters for my Character 101 show. I’m actually proud of these sketches and I haven’t felt proud of a sketch in a long time. They always feel cobbled together at the last minute and lately I’ve been obsessed with the idea that I can’t write unless I’m drunk which is not the case at all. Today the timing of everything made it so that I didn’t have the option of drinking when writing these sketches and I didn’t have the block. It was good.

I didn’t hear back from the job I was hoping to hear back from which I think means I didn’t get it. It’s not official yet but I have the feeling. Sometimes you just know some things. I knew Magnet would reject me for their diversity improv scholarship. I also realized I didn’t want it. It’s similar with this job. I do want this job, but maybe this isn’t the time for it or maybe it’s not for me even though I do want to work with the company. I feel less devastated than I thought I’d feel which is good. I’ve finally gone through enough rejection that I’m okay. Also I have a good bud.

I’ve been obsessed with watching Hot Ones which a friend introduced me to. I’ve watched a large chunk of the episodes and it’s just everything I didn’t know I needed. The masochist in me fantasizes about doing the challenge myself. I used to fantasize if I ever made it big being on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. When that show ended there was a void in my narcissistic me being interviewed fantasies but that hole has been filled by Sean Evans and Hot Ones. Sean Evans is also the most likeable host/interviewer I’ve ever seen.

Sean Evans did a video for Complex to promote one of my favorite movies ever, American Ultra. In the video he tries to complete a shift at a convenience store while stoned af, like Jesse Eisenberg in the movie.

Sean Evans jokes about being a sleeper agent but he obviously is one.

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