Wow. I’ve been paying for this domain for like a hot minute now! It’s been years and this blog has had dozens of views since I’ve started it years ago and I’m still gonna pay $12 or whatever it costs per year to have this domain. I don’t know why. I understand why, but I don’t know why. All I know is that when everything around you is falling apart, and you have no real friends, your family is too fucked up and you are hardcore debt-slaving it, lol. lmao. ROTFLMAO. I will fucking do that shit one day. I will roll on the floor and laugh my ass off. Maybe an ass will be on me and the situation will be so hilarious I have no choice.


Yeah, I’m fucking pissed. I’m listening to Lana Del Rey unreleased B-sides and just real damn depressed. I can’t afford to go see my favorite artists and it’s really depressing! I want to die, okay? I don’t care if I’m 30 and being overdramatic! I don’t caaaaaaaaaare! fu patriarchy.

Ugh. My relationship is a POS. My boyfriend doesn’t care about me he only cares about his stupid craft beer brewery job, like, srsly dude? idk. It makes me feel worthless. I feel like if a man can’t prioritize me and worship me, then I’m worthless. It’s INSANE.

I just want out my ppl. I literally did not ask to be born. I chose none of this and I have to keep going even though, nah, I’m good. Yes I see the life and the thing that is the life, but I’m good. It’s okay. I could have been aborted.

UGGHHHGHG. I hate these thoughts because I get how beautiful and OMG miraculous life is but like suck a dick. Suck a dick out here, this is stupid. Unless this all drastically changed and I didn’t have to worry about eating and also other people eating and like having a home and missing my favorite artists or ugh.

I’m alive because of a cat! humans are bad, including me 😦

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