The Hardest Part of Breaking Up is Getting Back the Past 7 Years of Your Life

and the 50-70 years you planned into the future with this person.

So Boy Partner is no longer my Boy Partner. But I seem to have developed a Boy Army so idk. Is it a war against Boy Partner. I really just feel sad that I really feel like he doesn’t love me and hasn’t for a long time but why keep me there. I think back and there are so many moments I can remember where it seemed like everyone/everything else in the world was more important than I was. Yeesh. It feels like karmic retribution. I think I’ve made a lot of people feel the same way he is making me feel. But I’m getting an amplified version because I kinda neglected people a lot of people so BP is SUPER neglecting just me. Like the addition of all the times I’ve neglected relationships.

I’m coping with it though. I feel like I’ve learned my lesson. So the reason BP came into my life has been fulfilled. Yay!

I’ve been watching so many truther videos on Youtube. Right now I’m obsessed with A Call For An Uprising.

He’s just so passionate and I love that it makes him so interesting to listen to!

I also love pocketsofthefuture.

Also lots of passion and so funny.

It’s interesting to me a bit ago there was this big Youtube advertiser boycott on videos with controversial topics so a lot of truther vids were being demonetized on Youtube. A lot of these channels exposed the boycott and asked for donations etc. I contributed where I could because content creators should be paid ffs. I’m still mad I post shit on social media for free so ads can get views but that’s on me.

Anyway, I noticed lately that ads are coming back. I have legit been watching truther youtube exclusively for about a week now and I feel really great. I’ve also been taking medications and going to therapy and taking care of myself and distancing myself from negative energies and getting really close to God.


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