omw to Second City

Wow, so I am literally writing this on the plane omw to Chicago to take improv and sketch classes for a week! You guys, I’m doing it. I am going thanks to a scholarship I received to take a summer immersion at Second City and I used every last bit of money and credit and cryptocurrency and borrowing from my friends that I could get my hands on to pay for my flight and room and now it’s here!

Getting to this point was really hard, just getting ready for the trip and dealing with not having money and having so little money and then not making enough money was stressful. It still is stressful but I feel like it wouldn’t be a true part of my journey if there wasn’t so much of a struggle aspect to it. I feel like years from now I’ll be able to write about this in my memoir.

Wait what the fuck am I talking about I am literally writing about it now.

Day 2 Improv


The human knot

leading each other blind

Zip zap zop

crazy 8s

our names and thing we like to do or tv show we like

The hitchhiker

The product pitch but not improvised

Yes And 3 line scenes

I can’t connect to wifi it’s annoying.

Fuck I was able to connect to wifi.

Man it’s very powerful, like it’s here. This is my dreams happening. I am an artist and being acknowledged as one and maybe I’m good at this? Maybe I’m good at this because it’s what I love doing. I don’t care if I’m not making money. If I can somehow survive and be able to do it, I am so happy with that.

I’ve cried and almost cried so many times today. During sketch 1 day 2 we saw a sketch called Index about a guy on a date and he could only know what to say if he was reading from an index card and then it is revealed that he has legit social anxiety and I CRIED. I didn’t know there were levels to comedy beyond the UR ROASTED, I’m so uncool it’s cool TV and New York-style Comedy I’ve been mostly exposed to. Chicago just told me it’s okay to be sincere and just be decent to people and still be funny. WHO KNEW.

Day 2 was rough. I was late. I had seen Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno the night before and it was okay. I was very anxious because they squeeze you into the seats at the E.T.C. theater and even though there is no drink minimum there’s a lot of pressure to buy something and it’s uncomfortable. The comedy/show came second to creating some type of atmosphere in which your dopamine was constantly being stimulated through delicious bar food and delicious bar alcohol and you’re in a legendary comedy club. It’s cool but I couldn’t really see the middle of the stage which is where a lot of stuff happened. I don’t know I have this curse where someone always obstructs my view at shows. Or is this how shows are and nobody complains? I don’t know I’m growing weary of the entertainment world. More and more I’m seeing through the veneer of it even though I know the artists involved in it probably have great intentions the man or whoever just cares about profit.

But what do I care about? Why am I here? I find that when I am in a group of people, it’s tough man. I felt like crying all day and the only release came when I was no longer around people. Then I started getting messages from work, messages kinda bullying me which bummed me out again.


In improv we did a bunch of exercises talking in gibberish which made me realize my communication problems go way beyond just talking. Even when words don’t matter, communicating with others was still hard and I know a lot of those blocks are in my head.


DAY 4, one more day left. Improv felt better today. We did Hot Spot, which is my fave improv game of all time but they called it something else here. Then we did some ensemble games where focus was taken and given by the instructor. There was a story, a gripes one and a radio. I was in the radio one and I had the radio station of Canadian Hits with Rap. I sang some Avril and Celine peppered with that Molly Percocet song. I wish I could stay in the moment more, I get very anxious and my brain blanks and the more I try to telll myself to stop thinking the more I think. It’s a nightmare.

We did two person scenes. In my scene we were instructed to only speak to each other by touching the other person and it had to be a justified touch. Very hard. I find that it’s easier for me to be in the sidelines or background. I think that is ok.


3 thoughts on “omw to Second City

  1. Its a very rare occasion when you can pick up and disappear to work towards your dream, even if for a short week. I’d imagine it was a very exciting and fruitful experience for you. Congrats on getting that first step, which is further than most.

  2. Good for you! I hope everything works out for you. I’ve been trying to do the same. Guess my blog’s more like a constant rant about the process, but I’m not trying to give up. Hope you stick to your goals as well.

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