obviously dr. you’ve never been a 13 yr old girl

Hey it’s me of course, this is the blog I write!

It’s hard you guys, it’s not easy being a blogger in an age when bloggers are really looked down upon. I accidentally listened to a Youtube ad, I forget what the fuck it was for or about, but they were interviewing some girls about sneaker culture and they did a ____ or _____ questionnaire section and one of the questions was vlogs or Instagram and the girls were like INSTAGRAM.

Dude. Instagram to me feels like how I felt in high school. Just fucking I’ll never be popular enough for Instagram to matter to me and not being popular is apparently you might as well be dead.

That was high school for me and there were several “suicide attempts” (which I modeled after Hollywood Movies) to cement this notion. It’s better to be dead than unpopular.

At the end of the day, humans are here to procreate and create communities and then make shit so that we can, I don’t know, keep making more humans. That’s my understanding of this shitfest called Earth after 30 years. Maybe older people have a better understanding. Maybe younger people have a better understanding. All I know is that I’m supposed to want to keep being alive even though no one is telling me why the fuck.

But I have this understanding of a thing called Love (something about a Darkness). And I know that one time when I was 13, I tried to kill myself emulating the movie The Virgin Suicides. My mom found me and it hurt a lot to see how hurt and scared she was trying to help me when she found me.

After that event though, I still tried to commit more suicide attempts via means I learned through watching TV and movies, mostly movies. The next suicide attempt I tried was Needle in the Hay, a scene from The Royal Tenenbaums. I listened to the song Needle in the Hay while ingesting 2 bottles of Tylenol.

All this bullshit sounds an awful lot like MK Ultra. It sounds to me like if I had never had access to these movies, I might have never had these ideas.


6 thoughts on “obviously dr. you’ve never been a 13 yr old girl

  1. Wow. I truly hope you’re making any more of those attempts. I’m happy to say, that other than the typical teenage stage in life depression, I’ve never attempted to take that easy way out. I want to go natural and rotting the earth so it at least knows I was there lol. One final note, don’t let ideas cloud what you really want to do, which is LIVE, and live well to the fullest. Life’s too short to take other perception to heart for you to recreate. Remember, those are just movies. I’m a movie buff myself, but I only use them for their entertainment value, as a way to escape the “real” horrors of reality. Even if just for a brief moment. One thing’s for sure. My ass ain’t quitting! I hope you take on that motto as well.

    1. Obviously Keith, you’ve never been a 13 year old girl. haha, but seriously, yeah, these things happened a really long time ago and I am in a way better place now. I wrote about these experiences to illustrate how if it hadn’t been for these movies, the idea of trying to commit suicide would have never come to me naturally as a 13 year old kid. Thanks so much for your comment and motivation!

  2. I impulse took my life age 19 due to going batshit from my bpd and undiagnosed mental illnesses. I’m 26. Slit my wrists open didn’t feel it fell asleep and yours later I woke up shlda bled out but something made me and gave the strength to get up and stiu$ble too where my rookies are. I’m so grateful and do open mindedly belief goe etc. Anyway I never had real reasons to have such self loathing I realized recently since researching Illuminati and took the red pill and learned mk ultra and the current monarch minke programming that Roseanne barr says runs Hollywood (new name for mk bc they “said” they quit lmao) really sad note look up on YouTube Mondai girl reversed by kyary kyary pamyu. It’s rly sad. I’ve reversed her songs and same thing and didn’t believe in clones or reversing songs but the Illuminati she says plain English has her trapped under nara Japan and the videos are uploaded by my homie angel icon

  3. The non reverse mv is Hella Illuminati so makes sense but apparently trapped since 5e013 and Japanese don’t commonly have knowledge she shows of Illuminati in reverse. LA devotee is a ritual mk obvious classic example video but man reserved Mondai girl go listen. And view the reg video. So sad

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