If I categorize this blog under any genre I would categorize it as #TMI. What started as a way for me to catalog and analyze the media I was consuming, namely streamable movies, turned into this confessional style clusterfuck of words, images and memories.

It has been bought to my attention that people I know in real life read this blog and that I’m too good at marketing- I don’t even realize I’m doing it. I link this blog everywhere because the URL is hella catchy. I made it hella catchy because I intended to make another viral website, similar to ones I’ve made in the past, but ultimately, I just wanted to replace my blog.

So. This is just an online journal, just like I’ve been keeping since I was 13. And it’s weird, but here we are, 2018. Did you ever think you’d still be spilling your guts to strangers on the internet almost 2 decades later? Yeah, I think i did think that and I’m so glad I finally figured out wtf I’m doing here lol


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