First DCM in LA #DCM21 PART 3

Wow, I was not expecting to have a 3 month break in between the finale of my DCM Series, but so much happened.

I wrote a post on this blog and my boyfriend broke up with me over it. The experience basically traumatized me away from blogging. The things you write on the Internet can have serious consequences.

But what gets me is that days before my boyfriend found the blog post and literally packed his bags and left, I literally broke his phone in a fit of anger and that is not what did it. We had been fighting brutally for months and the final straw was a blog post I immediately deleted and apologized for, but it was not enough.

You know what though? This blog has been in my life for 9 years, which is longer than any other relationship I’ve ever had, so congrats to me and my true boo, my internet diary-

I said I was going to finish writing about #DCM21, so I will.

When we left off, I had left the DCM bit shows on night one and went back to my hostel to get ready to come back at 7am for “We’re Playing Britney Spears’ Toxic for Ten Minutes”. 

I didn’t wanna be late, so I got to UCB Sunset a little early and I remember walking in for like 2 minutes and walking right out because what was on the stage was gross to me. It looked like children pouring milk on a child in a plastic tub? It was called Milk Symposium.

I walked out so fast and as I walked out Ronnie Adrian was standing by the door and asked me “Had enough?” I was like “I’ll come back in 10 minutes”. I walked around outside then came back 10 minutes later.

I caught the act right before “We’re playing Toxic for 10 minutes” which also had weird child-porn vibes because there was a childlike character on a bed. I obviously don’t remember it 3 months later.

Then finally the moment I had been waiting for. I actually filmed the entire performance, which is a rare thing, I don’t usually film things in their entirety when I am an audience member because I want to be in the moment, but this felt like I needed to keepsake it. I had such high hopes for this bit show, and I had no reason to have hopes, but I wasn’t disappointed.

This absolutely wholesome moment turned DCM around for me. I left right after and got some much needed rest so I could finish the festival out strong. #1 rule of DCM is actually get sleep.

In addition to tickets to both nights of bit shows (although I really did not want to go to the second night of bit shows based on that first night) I bought a ticket for a real improv show at UCB Franklin. I got tix for Reuben Starship, Astronomy Club and Wild Horses for $15. I was familiar with Astronomy Club and Wild Horses and was pretty excited to see them. The Franklin theater was a little stressful to me. It felt cramped and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. The vibe was also snootier. It’s weird how much LA changes in a matter of blocks. I guess it’s not that weird, it happens in NYC too, but in LA it feels really pronounced. The theaters are walking distance from each other (a healthy walk) but it felt like they’re in two different worlds. Franklin is also right across the street from a Scientology center ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Reuben Starship
Astronomy Club

What most stood out to me about this improv show was Wild Horses set and how it touched on religious stuff like believing in Jesus. There was a scene where they actually almost crucify their friend but then they don’t and this also felt like a turnaround moment for me. There’s something about the energy of improv that’s done by people who are really good at it where it feels real even though it’s made up.

Wild Horses

Good improv was good.

The next thing I did at DCM was I watched Solo Improv 101 with Rachel Bloom and before I even write about it, I wanna say this alone was worth the price of the 2 night bit show ticket. People love Rachel Bloom and I get it now. She good.

The premise of the show was great off the bat.

There were a ton of improv “coaches” on stage. Some of my faves were Will Hines, Beth Appel and Matt Walsh.

Rachel Bloom basically did a solo show. She did like 5 characters at the same time, played zip zap zop with herself, and did other delightful things I can’t remember 3 months later, but do remember absolutely loving.

Based on the bit shows from the night before, I decided not to stick around Saturday night, but I did return in the morning as the bit show ticket covered all shows between 1am-1pm.

In the morning I watched some house teams. My favorite was “UCBT musical mess hall team” Power Play. I love musical improv and this didn’t disappoint. It was actually insanely impressive, I can still vividly remember some of their scenes. There was a dancer on this team who I think brought the artistry of the whole show way up because she was doing real splits and shit.

According to my photos, I saw 3 other improv teams but I only remember Power Play.

Next up in my itinerary was a sketch writing workshop. I wanted the whole UCB LA experience because it was my first time at UCB LA and I only had a few days there, so you know I had to take a class. I took a workshop which was scheduled at the training center. I got very big college campus vibes at UCB training center in LA vs the New York training center. The students seemed much younger and there was a big campus vibe.

I was very anxious and avoidant and the room where my workshop was scheduled was locked, so I kept hiding in the bathroom to bide time. I reemerged closer to the class start time and walk into the room as it’s now opened and occupied. Everyone is really nice as I sit in the crowded class, and then I notice Rachael Mason enter and I know I’m in the wrong class because I wasn’t taking Rachael Mason. I walk out kinda embarrassed, but not really because I’ve embarrassed myself so much I don’t really feel “embarrassment” anymore.

I walk into another room and before I even speak the teacher very briskly says “you’re in the wrong class”. Okay. Eventually I find my sketch workshop group. They were waiting on me because we had been bumped from our room and Beth Appel found another room for us and they were actually just waiting on me to walk us over to it. Oops lol, I had been at the training center for like half an hour, hiding and going into the wrong rooms.

Beth Appel walks us over to our space for the workshop and it’s in the DCM VIP room at UCB Sunset. I didn’t even know there was a VIP room and was really excited that I actually got to see everything at DCM, even the things I didn’t know existed. Beth Appel was crazy nice and everyone was apologetic about the room snafu and Beth Appel asked us very kindly to please not drink all the booze in VIP because there was a lot of booze in VIP, which explained so very much.

The workshop was excellent, it was about finding your sketch writer voice and it was taught by Tim Neenan. I didn’t know what to expect with the workshop, the original workshop I wanted to take was cancelled due to low enrollment, so I this was my second choice. I’m so happy with how things turned out because at that moment, finding my voice was exactly what I needed.

I left the workshop feeling wonderful; the workshop in addition to the Britney bit show I saw the day before gave me a surge of inspiration and I got an idea for a solo show combining two of my favorite things- Britney Spears and weed. That show is called Britney #420 and it is debuting at Solocom 2019 at The Pit Underground at 11pm.

AND THAT’S IT. After the workshop I went to LAX and waited for my red eye flight. To save money, I didn’t book my last day at the hostel. My flight was at 5am, so I slept at the airport. A lil money saving travel hack 4 u.

If there’s another DCM I will most likely go to it and write about it here, again!

Here’s my DCM anthology:

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