DRAFTS: I Love You, Daddy is Pretty Good

I’m going through my drafts and either deleting or posting them. I’m gonna post this one even though it’s 2 years old. 

Here’s something I’m bored of: Watching portrayals of the lives of the wealthy and privileged in media.

The last 3 movies I’ve seen are I Love You, Daddy, A Bad Moms Christmas, and Wonder. All 3 feature families of extraordinary wealth.

The opening scene of Louis CK’s I love You, Daddy is a declaration of what this movie is about- wealthy people. Louis CK’s character, Glenn, has a meeting with his ex-wife, played by Helen Hunt, who he has a daughter with named China. The meeting is to let his ex-wife know that their daughter has asked to live with him for her senior year, to which Helen Hunt responds, of course because he has “huge fucking apartment, a house in the Hamptons and a plane” while she lives in a “shithole”. We never see Helen Hunt’s shithole, I bet it was just like a nice one bedroom or something mad decent but Hollywood loves to brainwash us with the notion that if it’s not 110% luxury, exclusive for the 1%, it’s shit.

A Bad Moms Christmas features a Grandmother who consistently showered her grandchildren with extravagant gifts like iPhones and , another grandmother who was so obsessed with her daughter she purchased the house next to hers, and C storyline that was not about extravagantly wealthy people which was actually kinda nice!!

And then Wonder features Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson living in a Brownstone. I found this review that sums it up perfectly:

“Wonder,” however, takes place in some privileged, Hollywood idea of New York. Everyone lives in gigantic brownstones, and goes to private school. (Even the girl who complains about her crummy apartment lives in a glass-walled duplex.) There are no homeless. There is no dirt.

It’s hard to tell exactly what makes me so uneasy about seeing so much wealth on screens, but I’ve identified a few ideas. There’s a gross, mild ongoing feeling of jealousy that goes on, which makes it hard to focus on a movie when all you can think about is how nice it would be to live in a Brownstone or even a glass-walled duplex. Also, these characters are trying to convince me they’ve got problems but I just can’t see any issues behind the thick veneer of comfort. I barely have enough money to eat and I’m watching these people literally fighting about Christmas decorations over huge buffets of gourmet sushi and calling it a conflict. Why would I like that?

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