Plympton St.

Sightseeing at Hahvard

Finally made it out of the hood, NYC. Got to Chicago, Il. Visited Boston, MA to work a gaming convention. Pursuing my right to smoke weed legally. I’ve been on a journey to access what I consider my medicine since it was the first thing to help me. I was diagnosed with depression at age 13, I’ve had an eating disorder since age 8, I was molested by a family member at age 11. I’ve been on psychiatric medication since age 13 and took many variations and dosages of prescribed pills for my mental illness up until around age 18. I went back on medications when I got into college. Then I became homeless and stopped taking medications, but also discovered good weed around this time. Since then, as long as I’ve had access to weed, I’ve been more or less okay. Weed’s the first thing that made me feel like it was okay to be living. I feel like crying writing this as I write it.

Anyway, to the legalization of marijuana. We’re up to 11 states which is not even half. 11 is the states that are fully legalized. Thank you my new home Illinois, the first state to legalize California, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Maine, Vermont, Alaska, Michigan, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Goodbye the rest of the USA. I ain’t fucking wit uuuuu. I’m just gonna visit these 11 states and will happily pay those crazy taxes at legal dispensaries. Except Oregon, I love you, they don’t tax you! Visit Oregon!!

Okay this feels like content enough.

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