Stash and Dash

Something interesting relating to weed happened to me that I can’t stop thinking about. I follow this weed seller on snapchat who I found on the comment website of weedmaps. I’ve never purchased from this person because they’re a little pricey and I was trying to get away from the illegal weed scene. This account has posted guns on their story and overall drug dealers scare me so I try to avoid them even though I know they’re usually chill and this person seems chill.

They follow me back on snapchat and yesterday I made a post that was a little wreckless, showing my exact location outside my window because I like the city view outside where I’m staying right now. Additionally, I’m on the snapmap visible to my friends, which this drugdealer is added as a friend. I also mentioned I was alone.

Shortly, I get a message from the dealer on snap saying only “omw”. I think this is a joke, maybe he’s hitting on me, or maybe he messaged me by mistake, I ignore it. About 30 minutes later I look at their story and they posted a “stash and “dash” where they hid a bag full of weed products at a location and leave clues for someone to find it. The location of this stash and dash, is right outside my window. It’s the same area I showed on my story and also, they know exactly where I am because I’m on the map!

I got so freaked out. I wanted that free weed so bad but I started getting all these paranoid thoughts like what if it’s a trap or what if I get there at the same time as someone else and they attack me. Mostly it felt like a trap because I was clearly targeted, he messaged me to tell me “omw” and then went to my exact location.

Anyway, I thought long about the situation, consulted the bible and everything which gave me the Ephesians verse about battling principalities and the forces of darkness, and decided I’d wait an hour, because if someone was stalking me out, they’d prbly leave by then, and if the goods were still there, it was meant to be. It didn’t take too long for someone else to find it. I knew because the dealer requested that the finder tag the dealer when they found it and the dealer reposted it on their story. I stalked the accounts of the finders and couldn’t tell if they were plants to make it not look like a trap or genuine people who found it. After a little extra stalking I decide they’re regular people and I’m a pussy ass bitch who lost out on a bunch of free weed.

It’s been like 15 hours since this happened and mostly I regret not going. I think I chose the path of fear and even though it was kind of justified, I’m a woman, I’m alone, this person has shown they have a weapon… but the location was literally around the block from me, I think he wanted me to have it. I could have just scoped out the situation from far and if I didn’t feel safe, turned around; I was really close to home.

It was a lot of products, and I’m just about to run out of weed and have no money to reup. I just feel like I blew an opportunity by choosing fear. I want to feel okay about my choice, I was protecting myself, I’ve never met this person personally so I can’t vouch that they’re not harmful.

It just makes me wish legal weed wasn’t so actually difficult to acquire so I wouldn’t have to regret not getting free weed from a potentially sketchy source. It also makes me think about my own fear and how it’s keeping me back from major opportunities.

I can’t stop thinking about this which is why I’m writing about it. The people that did get it were a couple. I was thinking how much easier it would have been if I wasn’t alone or had a partner to go with me. It sucks that as a woman I feel so unsafe, generally. It sucks that to get medicine I have to go broke or put myself in potentially dangerous situations.

Anyway, I feel dumb. I feel safe and dumb.

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