Ema (2019) Part 1

I’ve been wanting to write this post since May. It is now November. “I feel like time doesn’t exist on this blog tho”, I write as I write this at 4am.

I want to be in this configuration with someone. How do I make it happen? Should I become an actor?

Ema is a movie I saw on Mubi. I really like Mubi and wish I had the lifestyle where I could watch movies all the time and pay for a subscription service but I don’t. I might soon. I started this blog having that lifestyle haha. Not only did I have time to watch movies, I had time to write about them. But I was living with my mom lol.

I became interested in Ema when I realized the movie is about dance

I watched Ema for free because I got an email from Mubi that they had a free virtual screening for it. Gael Garcia Bernal was in it so I was really into that.

As I watched the film I fell in love with the visuals

It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen the film, but I took a lot of screenshots while watching it with the intention of writing about it on this blog because it’s the first film I’ve seen that has inspired me to write about it in a LONG time.

Ema is one of the most intriguing characters i’ve ever watched

Ema is the main character in the film. She’s a dancer and she’s married to Gael Garcia Bernal and they adopted a kid. The kid ended having issues so he was taken away from Ema and Gael Garcia Bernal and there will probably be SPOILERS after this part.

Meanwhile Gael Garcia Bernal has some type of dance company and Ema is part of it and they’re putting together an elaborate show with contemporary dance. Ema is a rebel though and is into reggaeton.

She’s part of a rebel dance group and she’s always practicing this routine. I guess I remember more about the movie than I thought which makes sense because it was really good. It really left an impression on me because I haven’t seen anything like it in so long.

It also left an impression on me because I found myself relating so much to Ema and it was uncomfortable for many reasons.

Ema has a strained relationship with her mom but they’re very close. This reminded me of my relationship with my own mom.

The marriage between Ema and Gael Garcia Bernal is falling apart so Ema goes in for a divorce. She can’t afford the divorce so she seduces the divorce lawyer. She does some of her reggaeton dance routine on her desk.

The reggaeton routine is part of her rebel dance troupe that is made up of some of the same members of Gael Garcia Bernal’s dance troupe. This is where the movie gets insane.

Ema and her friends burn stuff down.

I forget the context of this quote

I think Ema does all the actual burning. The film never really goes super deep into why she does this. She just does it. I also believe she never gets caught.

Ema and the divorce lawyer are getting super close and going on dates. I really want to write about this film but I’ve been struggling with depression and lack of motivation. I’m going to write about his film though.


So Ema and her friends are kinda sluts. I’m not being mean or slutshaming, they just literally are. After Ema burned down 1/3 of the town, she and her friends befriended the firefighter who put the fire she started out. The firefighter is also a bartender, which I’m not sure I’m remembering correctly because I feel like being a firefighter pays enough to not need a side gig?

I’m gonna make a part 2. This movie is insane and I want to write about it even though my thoughts all over the place. The ending is crazy.

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